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A Closer Look At Mercedes 2024 F1 Leap By Aston Martin

Published: 13, Sep 2023

The F1 championship is the motor racing championship for Formula 1 cars. F1 Championship 2023 is currently going on with a schedule for 20 countries in 4 continents. There are many Grand Prix in it: Bahrain GP, Saudi Arabian GP, Australian GP, Azerbaijan GP, Miami GP, Emilia Romagna GP, Monaco GP, Spanish GP, Canadian GP, Austrian GP, British GP, Hungarian GP, Belgian GP, Dutch GP, Italian GP, Singapore GP, Japanese GP, Qatar GP, United States GP, Mexican, Brazilian GP, Las Vegas GP, and Abu Dhabi GP. Max Verstappen is leading the driver standings with 364 points. It is being said that he will win the championship. He plays for the Red Bull racing team. Racing teams in the F1 Championship 2023 are Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, Alpine, Williams, Haas, Alpha Tauri, and Alpha Romeo. Mercedes has a great racing history. It has been a part of Formula 1 Championship for a long time. It started being a part of it in 1955. Mercedes is focusing on developing the 2024 car. The team is focusing on long-term goals. Mercedes tried on the W14 engine. But the team could not win against Red Bull in the previous season of F1. The concept of the W14 car was wrong. The team had tried to run the aero platform very high. The performance was different as compared to competitors running close to the ground.

Mercedes 2024 F1 Leap

The RB20 model has been helpful for the team. So, they don’t need to come up with new changes. Max Verstappen from the Red Bull racing team won the F1 championship in 2021 and 2022.

Mercedes now has a better idea about car concepts. They have focused on the new ground effect. In the W15 design, there are many changes that are being made.

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Mercedes is figuring out solutions so that they do their best at F1 2024. There are a lot of things to consider. Everything has to be put together for a working car. Mercedes is taking inspiration from Aston Martin which performed well at the 2023 F1 championship. This is like evidence for Mercedes to challenge Red Bull in 2024. Also, McLaren was good at the F1 2023 Championship. So, Mercedes needs to see what Aston Martin and McLaren did and make a move.

Mercedes is trying to look at whether it can bridge the gap and make some changes. Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes believes the team can make a comeback and fight with Red Bull by doing what Aston Martin and McLaren did in the previous season of the F1 championship. Mercedes can beat Red Bull, he believes. Mercedes is trying to be competitive. However, as far as the standings are concerned, Mercedes is 310 points behind Red Bull.

Mercedes wants to make the leap that is needed for the 2024 F1 championship. They just need a five-tenths improvement to make a comeback. They are working on what can be done for the next car- the 2024 car. Nothing can be said about the present car- it is quite uncertain.

Some people believe that it is quite impossible that Mercedes would be able to compete in the F1 2024 championship.

Mercedes wants to feel inspired by what Aston Martin and McLaren have done instead of being upset by it. Aston Martin has been a front-running team. McLaren has added some advancement that has been successful. McLaren has significantly improved and become better as compared to previous results. Aston Martin has improved over the years. McLaren has done well this year.

Mercedes tried a lot with the same car but the performance had only small wins and not anything much. They have been doing this for a year and a half. It doesn’t matter for Mercedes if they come up at the second and third place. They want to focus on the good things that make them rise up just like McLaren was able to finish second in the previous championship. However, they are planning to take big steps.

Mercedes is also thinking of making a design inspired by Red Bull cars in 2024. At the Monaco GP, they used an aero advancement instead of a sidepod design.

Mercedes is struggling with their performance in the F1 championship in 2023. Mercedes have dominated the F1 championship from 2014-2021. So, it has been one of the most successful teams in the championship. The reasons for this are the engine of their cars and the aerodynamics. But now Ferrari and Red Bull have better engines.

Ben Hodgkinson, an engineer for Mercedes left it and now he has been with Red Bull. Many other people also left along with him. Another problem with Mercedes is that they are adjusting to the budget cap rule introduced in 2021. 
Can Aston Martin close the gap?

But in 2022 and 2023, Mercedes is seen struggling in the championship. The car design is one major problem. In 2022, there were some changes in rules related to engine and chassis specifications.

Lewis Hamilton is a key player for Mercedes. There were rumors on the thing that Hamilton wouldn’t continue after the derailed performance of Mercedes in 2023 and 2024. But, he said that he would always be with Mercedes.

Toto Wolff has admitted that the car design was at flaw. The car wasn’t right. So, Mercedes is hoping for the 2024 F1 championship to be all the better. F1’s technical rules were a major reason for a bad 2023 F1 for Mercedes. Most of the cars in 2023 were Red Bull-type or Ferrari-type. But Mercedes went with its own design.

For the current F1 championship in 2023, there are fewer hopes for Mercedes. They are trying to focus and re-establish everything for the 2024 F1. They are not thinking of completely abandoning the W14 design. They are thinking of making some thorough changes to it. This is like you are constructing a building. So, there have to be some constructive changes. Doing things like Aston Martin have done will help Mercedes.

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