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Alleged Horner Evidence Leaked To F1 Personnel After Investigation

Published: 01, Mar 2024

The controversy surrounding the investigation into Red Bull boss Christian Horner took a sharp turn on Thursday when key evidence was reportedly leaked to Formula 1 officials.

Almost exactly 24 hours after Horner was fired following an employee's allegations, two anonymous email addresses distributed a folder of documents allegedly related to this case.

The emails contained a link to a Google Drive file containing the following documents: "Based on recent investigations and statements from Red Bull, you may be interested in the attached documents."

The email was sent to more than 100 people, including senior officials from the Formula 1 organization and the FIA, as well as current team CEOs and permanently accredited media. One of the winners was Jos Verstappen, father of Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

The Red Bull has not confirmed whether the documents are real or fake, but the team read a statement from Horner in the Bahrain paddock.

"I will not comment on anonymous speculation, but I repeat: I have always rejected the accusations," Horner was quoted as saying.

Christian Horner facing further scrutiny after alleged messages are leaked  | Wimbledon Times

“I respected the integrity of the independent investigation and cooperated fully at all stages. “This was a thorough and fair investigation conducted by an independent specialist lawyer and it has concluded. » I reject the complaint submitted. I remain completely focused on the start of the season. »

Although the veracity of the documents is unclear. The way in which the dossier was widely publicized on the Formula 1 scene for maximum impact suggests that there are still people desperate to discredit Horner, even though he has been acquitted.

Although Horner's investigation was triggered by an employee's complaint, the nature of the complaint was made public. The dominant position supposedly suggested that it was being used as a power play by some people.

There were evidence of a disagreement between Red Bull's majority Thai shareholders and the Austrian energy drinks company, although nothing has been said publicly.
Sending anonymous emails just 24 hours after the investigation concluded and while the F1 cars were racing appears to be an attempt to discredit Horner.

Earlier in the day, rival F1 teams had called on Formula 1 management and the FIA ​​to intervene to make this happen . To ensure greater transparency on how Red Bull has addressed the issue.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren He said: "I read that statement. I think from what I've seen there's still a lot of rumours, speculation and questions.

"I believe that the sanctioning body has a responsibility and an authority towards our sport, our fans and I think of all of us in Formula 1... I think they have to make sure that things are completely transparent to them."