Marco Bezzecchi Set For 2025 Aprilia Move

Marco Bezzecchi Set For 2025 Aprilia Move

The possibility of Marco Bezzecchi switching from the VR46 Ducati to the Aprilia engine for the 2025 MotoGP season is being considered.

Based on information obtained by, the current rider for the VR46 Ducati, Marco Bezzecchi, is in the process of finalizing a transfer to the factory Aprilia MotoGP for the 2017 MotoGP season.

Bezzecchi, who has won three MotoGP grand prix races, made the decision to stay with his VR46 set-up on a Desmosedici even though Pramac was offering him a factory-spec Ducati for the year 2024. This move comes a year after he made that decision.

The operation that will take the present VR46 rider to become Jorge Martin's team-mate in the Aprilia factory organization is expected to be finalized in the coming days, according to's understanding of the situation.

During the last few days, when discussions with Aprilia became more intense, Ducati devised a plan to try to accomplish two goals at once: the objective was to join Aprilia in order to avoid losing Bezzecchi and Pramac.

Bezzecchi will sign with Aprilia, and it is quite probable that Paolo Campinoti's Pramac team would sign with Yamaha as its new bike supplier. In the end, this plan did not come to fruition, and it will cause Bezzecchi to sign with Aprilia.

Bezzecchi set to join factory Aprilia MotoGP team in 2025

It is remarkable that the rider of the #72 series would prefer to ride an RS-GP rather than the most recent generation of the Desmosedici, which, according to the theory, should have a performance that is superior to that of the Aprilia.

In addition, it is true that the quality improvement of the GP24 has been higher than he had anticipated. Bezzecchi has been having trouble finding his form on the GP23 so far after seven races, and he is now in eleventh in the standings, two places behind his teammate Fabio Di Giannantonio, who is driving the VR46.

It is apparent that the coming of Marc Marquez in the official Ducati garage in 2025, when he will become Francesco Bagnaia's team-mate, has generated some discomfort, not to mention displeasure, in Valentino Rossi's entourage, in the training institution that bears his name and in VR46. knows that Ducati and VR46 are one step away from renewing their relationship and bolstering it a bit further with factory motorcycles, assuming that Pramac accepts Yamaha's proposition.

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It is precisely for this reason that people from Tavullia saw the arrival of the #93 as a danger to the environment that has dominated up until this point; the ecosystem that has allowed Bagnaia to celebrate the previous two MotoGP titles, and the ecosystem that has positioned VR46 as the ideal ally for Ducati.

"What is clear is that Marc's signing has not gone down well," a VR46 insider informs this reporter. "It's not just that he has blown the brand's philosophy out of the water, but also that he will certainly not bring stability."

The addition of such a controversial figure as Marquez to the VR46 universe may well have prompted a reaction of mistrust on the part of Bezzecchi, who also fits perfectly with the profile Aprilia is looking for - an Italian manufacturer that expects to welcome with open arms a rider of the same nationality.