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Norris calls for a reconsideration of F1 red flag calls

Norris calls for a reconsideration of F1 red flag calls

A red flag is called when there is a crash. It is also called if the track conditions are not good enough and the race has to be stopped. The flags are shown by the marshals who stand at different points in the ground. In the Australian Grand Prix, there were 3 red flags. The 2 of these were in the closing stages. Norris has attributed this to putting on a show for the audience & Mercedes ruling out. 
No change this year to red flag tyre rule which Norris called "stupid
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Formula 1 should rethink about its red flag procedure. They should think through rolling restarts in response to the incident that happened close to the 2023 Australian Grand Prix. The Melbourne race had a controversy when there were 4 red flags in all. And 3 standing starts interrupted proceedings as the field finished in a motorcade behind the safety car.
Norris: Race director's lapped cars decision 'was for TV'
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Many people felt that the call to restart the race on lap 56 was wrong. This led to crashes into Turn 1 as drivers took risky late overtakes. There was a lot of bewilderment because of the delayed end to the race. The FIA curators said that there should be a starting order that everybody agrees upon for the safety car train.
This seeming eagerness to wave red flags to make sure that racing continues is something that Norris doesn’t like. Norris had finished behind a safety car and got boos from spectators. Norris said that it is tough and something that he hates. He feels that it is so unlucky.

He feels that a rolling start is better in these situations. He said that just because someone locked up in Turn 1 and the race is finished. He doesn’t like the restarts. He feels that it isn’t fair for people have performed well are taken out and the race gets over.
Norris gave back McLaren the first points of the season. This was a result of the running order behind the safety car. This led to the final classification. This was decided using the grid from the lap 56 minus cars eliminated in the crashes. Race Control might have wanted to go for red flags and standing starts just to enhance the demonstration. Norris said that if we had just finished behind the safety car, it would be clearer.

If someone just locked up in Turn 1, your race is over. This is because they want the show to be more thrilling. But this is not for a show. The players are racing against each other. And they are playing to be fair. So, this is not fair that the race gets over because of someone else. Red flagging feels like you are putting on a show.
The Australian GP received criticism from teams and drivers. The race got 3 red flags. This was the first time in history. The second restart of the race also was something that got a lot of attention. This was because 4 drivers locked up in Turn 1. This became one of the most controversial races that has taken place recently. Norris says that this should be taken into consideration by F1 and FIA.
The standing restarts after red flags is like a bad luck. Norris said that instead of this, there should be a rolling start. This is because you then feel that you can do a good race. Norris said that the incidents could have been prevented if the second flag was not called. Norris has come up on behalf of all the drivers who want to play fair. Other drivers like George Russell has also raised questions on red flags in the Australian GP. Norris said that the red flags were just called because they wanted to put up a show. But according to Norris, this isn’t right. So, the red flags calls need a small rethink, that’s what Norris wants. He doesn’t want a change but just a rethink.
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There should be a rethink and review of the formation lap procedure that’s behind the Safety Car. The Formula 1 does need consistent rules and regulations. The FIA has to take action in this case. There are not very clear guidelines for these procedures.
Drivers on a flying lap have been affected majorly by the red flag being called. It is a disadvantage. A solution can be the use of Virtual safety Cars. These should be used during qualifying. It can be helpful and drivers can maintain the temperature in their brakes and tires.
So, there should be a reconsideration of red flag calls. It should be taken into concern. Norris has been saying about this a lot. The FIA has to act regarding this.

By Bhawna