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Renault F1 chief wants harsher punishment for Racing Point

Published: 22, Nov 2023

Ferrari president John Elkann says the FIA ​​needs to apply Formula 1 rules more clearly following controversies in recent seasons.

Lo last weekend, team driver Carlos Sainz Jnr received a 10-place penalty for exceeding the maximum number of power reserves he could use. The situation arose because his car was severely damaged by a loose water valve cover on the new freeway on the Las Vegas Strip. Ferrari unsuccessfully pressured stewards not to impose a force majeure penalty.

Elkann referred to other current, high-profile controversies over Formula 1 rules. Red Bull was the first and even now the only team to be sanctioned. for exceeding budget limits when it launched in 2021. But the fine announced late last year was considered too lenient by many, including Ferrari team boss Frédéric Vasseur. .

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen had already won the 2021 championship in controversial circumstances after race director Michael Masi incorrectly applied the rules at the end of the season in Abu. Dabi.

Masi lost his job at the FIA ​​after the mistake, another incident the Ferrari boss was referring to. Following the controversial conclusion of the 2021 championship, the FIA ​​has reviewed its race control service. This included the creation of the remote operations center to support decision making, staff restructuring and the hiring of new employees.

John Elkann, Ferrari, Las Vegas, 2023

Elkann was not impressed by Sainz's penalty in Las Vegas

John Elkann, Ferrari, Las Vegas, 2023


"You wouldn't want something like that to happen in "The 2021 championship is over,” Elkann told the BBC. “You don't want to have situations like in Las Vegas where you are penalized with 10 places.

"From a regulatory point of view in terms of rules and enforcement and what we've seen with budget constraints, those are the areas where you would like more clarity."

Two other teams were penalized last year for budget cap violations that had nothing to do with overspending. The regulations have been revised this year to better take into account the development work of team departments outside of F1.

F1 plans to introduce new regulations technical in 2026, including a review of its hybrid powertrains and the introduction of sustainable fuels. Elkann said it is important to ensure that these rules are clearly defined and enforced.

"There are a lot of changes in the way technologies are developed," the importance of being zero carbon emissions", he said. “In this sense it is important to be able to clearly define rules and applications.”