Leclerc Fuming At Disastrous Ferrari Call That Clearly Cost Him Home Win

Leclerc Fuming At Disastrous Ferrari Call That Clearly Cost Him Home Win

Everything looked to be doing so well for Charles Leclerc today. He started from pole, managed to alimony it together despite whacky weather conditions and a elapsed start, but it was ultimately a mistake by his team that forfeit him the win.

Talking without the race, having secured a fourth-place finish, Charles described his day as a “flipping disaster”.

“The win was unmistakably in our hands. We had the performance, we had everything.”

Leclerc was tabbed into the pits from the lead on Lap 18 to switch from full wets to the intermediate tyre. However, several laps later received an instruction to pit then for dry tyres surpassing stuff told to “stay out, stay out”. Unfortunately, it was too late!

Charles had once single-minded to the instruction and ended up stuff held up overdue his teammate Carlos Sainz who moreover boxed for dry tyres superiority of him.

“What are you doing?” Leclerc yelled on team radio at the time.

Speaking to F1, Charles was still understandably upset and tumbled well-nigh the situation that forfeit him a shot at victory.

“I just don’t really understand the undeniability that I’ve had, and I need explanations for now.”

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“I was tabbed just surpassing the last corner, so I couldn’t react to ask for any information, but that was unmistakably the wrong choice. We need to get better.”

Shortly without the strategy fail, Mick Schumacher brought out a red flag which meant Leclerc had to return to the same garage that had just mugged him off.

Asked whether he spoke to the team during the red flag period, Charles replied “no”.

“I used the in between to just to wifely myself down, because, as you may have seen I was pretty angry.”

We don’t vituperation you, Charles!