Verstappen Could Retire From F1 Sooner Than We Think

Verstappen Could Retire From F1 Sooner Than We Think

Fresh of winning his first world title and singing a long-term deal with Red Bull, Max Verstappen has spoken he could leave F1 a lot sooner than we thought! 

At the age of 24, it’s strange to think that Verstappen is rhadamanthine one of the most experienced drivers on the F1 grid.

Having joined Toro Rosso in 2015 at the age of 17, Verstappen’s new contract will alimony him in a Red Bull seat until 2028 – and equal to the Dutchman, this could be the end of his F1 career.

Speaking to the Independent, Verstappen said “I haven’t made up my mind what I will do without 2028. I might stop.”

He widow “I want to do other types of races — endurance racing, for example. Maybe I will have had unbearable of travelling all the time. Maybe I will want an easier life and just to do the races I like.

“Whenever an opportunity comes to win a championship, you want to take it. If I’m in a fight in 2028 it may be stupid to suddenly stop. It’s difficult to know.”

Of undertow it’s not unheard of for drivers to retire at such a young age. Nico Rosberg was moreover 31 when he decided to retire without his tightly contested world title wrestle with Lewis Hamilton.

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