Riders call for further clarity on penalties in MotoGP

Riders call for further clarity on penalties in MotoGP

The MotoGP Portugal GP was once another time spoke about due to the drawbacks and matters linked to care of the players. In specific, the cautions forced on Joan Mir and his co-player Marc Marquez began a lot of chatter for different reasons, reviving the discussion about the faithfulness of the stewards' choices.

Francesco Bagnaia, defensive winner, was advanced at a press meeting about what his importance will be in the safety command and walled that everything needs to be explained in this part. I think we have to question for a more clear meaning of the drawbacks, because at the instant it is very difficult to understand.
As an example, last year in FP1 at Misano I slowed down because I thought I had already seen the chickened flag, I was on the trajectory and I received a three-place network penalty. In passing after my best rounded, I was trying to improve my lap time and four riders were on the route and slow, I lost my lap but nobody said whatever to those riders.

So, it is very hard to know, also difficult to recognize what they are doing with Marc's penalty for it is very tough to understand that somebody could make an error like that.
Later, it was Maverick Viñales (Aprilia) called to interfere, bring into line with the same idea even though he opinions out that the work of the factors is not easy. Aimed at me, fairly, we have to trust that the choices and penalties are right, because at the end of the day I can see that it is very difficult. But we have to survey a rule.
 The point is that it was very tough to reach a decision about the rule because there were several mistakes and several kindnesses of the condition.

Then this is racing to a situation will never be the same it depends a lot on the place, the rounds maybe with a well considerate we can recover, but I can imagine that at the moment the work of the factors is very big and difficult.
On the end of the day, it is very tough to put guidelines in these types of conditions such as passing and fights, private links. For the reason that in the end there are too many conditions that can happen.
It would be nice to have clearer ideas, but I also know that the job of factors is very tough. Of course, we also need to have the whole thing clearer and all better, so this is the goal.
Bagnaia: MotoGP riders need clear idea from factors on problems

MotoGP world winner Francesco Bagnaia says players want a clear idea from the factors over penalties, following the arguments of the Lusitanian GP.

MotoGP factors has been under the attention this week following the crash among Marc Marquez and Miguel Oliveira in the Lusitanian GP, and the follow-on fallout over the penalty useful.
Marquez was given a dual long round penalty for the event, that initially looked like it would never be helped as he was ran out of the Argentina GP last Mon due to damage.
The FIM factors then altered the language of its penalty statement, saying the penalty would be supported at the next round Marquez attends somewhat Honda felt broken the rules and threw an appeal.
Honda’s situation will now be got in the FIM Law court of Requests in Switzerland.
This, as well as many incidents of variation during the Portugal weekend have ignited the discussion over the efficiency of the present FIM stewards’ board.
Fast of this weekend’s Argentine Republic GP, contest leader Bagnaia says players will be asking in Fri’s security command meeting for better clearness on the request of penalties.
I think we want to question for more of a clear idea of the safety, of the penalties, because in this instant it is very difficult to recognize, the Ducati players supposed.
An example: in FP1 last year in Misano, I reduced down for the reason that I thought I took the chequered flag and I was on the line and I got a three net place penalty.
In passing, I had a red segment going through area two, I was trying to recover my round time and four players were on the line riding slow, and I lost my round.
But then again nobody said no matter what to these players. So, it is very tough to recognize.
It is tough to identify what they are deed around Marc’s approval, because it is hard to know that someone can make a fault like this. So, I think we have to query for more clear ideas.

Aprilia’s Maverick Vinales allows that the steward’s job is very difficult as no episode is the same, but utters players have to be able to trust that the FIM’s choices are the right ones.
It is difficult to give any more info, Vinales additional. Fairly, for me, we must trust that the choosing and the penalties are correct, because in the end I can see it is very difficult because you can see things in very unlike method.
But then again, we must follow one law. The thing is that it is very difficult to arrive to a decision of a rule, because there were many kindnesses of the conditions.
Then also, this is competing, never will one state be the similar. It will rest on also on the place, the rounds.
Perhaps with a better thoughtful, things can advance. But I can see that right now the factors have a very difficult job it is tough to progress.