Unfortunate DNF for Alex Marquez at the #FrenchGP but top 8 for Di Ginannantonio

Published: 09, Jun 2023

The French GP’s traditional full Sunday race at Le Mans was an suppuration game, with only 14 riders worldly-wise to make it to the finish line. Alex Marquez is among those who left the wrestle early on as he was the unlucky co-protagonist of a dangerous coming together with Marini, who was trying a drastic save without losing tenancy of his Ducati machine. The standoff was inevitable and led to a bitter, early end to the Spaniard’s weekend.

It was a completely variegated Sunday for Fabio Di Giannantonio as today’s eighth place equals his so-far weightier result in MotoGP (Sachsenring 2022), with the Italia who has been constantly in the top ten in the last four GPs.


“I’m leaving Le Mans with very positive feelings with the bike. I approached the first turns well; I was warlike but still between the boundaries. Then I was worldly-wise to get in touch with the leading group and the idea was to wait a little bit, but it didn’t go as I had hoped. Marini made a mistake and crashed, Bezzecchi overdue him was worldly-wise to stave him, but there was nothing I could do. I am perfectly fine, which is something, but we surely have been missing a bit of luck in this early season.”


“I’m very happy. We had a weekend in which we kept improving and today the feeling with the velocipede was excellent. We fought, I had what it takes to play my cards right and I was worldly-wise to wrestle with Quartararo for scrutinizingly the whole race. The feeling keeps improving and we’re on the right track. I expect a remoter step forward at Mugello.”

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