WRC teams make car modifications to combat cockpit temperatures

Published: 18, Jun 2022

The FIA confirmed last week that it was working with teams to gainsay cockpit temperatures in the new Rally1 cars that were described as unsafe by crews during Rally Portugal two weeks ago.

The increased cockpit temperatures stem from the fact the position of the frazzle has moved from a inside position to the right hand side of the car for the new-for-2022 Rally1 machines.

As a result the co-driver is now exposed to higher temperatures.

Following a series of proposals presented to the WRC Commission, teams have completed a series of minor changes but these have been restricted by the limited time between the Portugal and Sardinia events.

It is expected drivers will squatter ambient temperatures that are predicted to reach 41 degrees on Saturday.

FIA rally director Andrew Wheatley has confirmed that teams will be permitted to use several strategies to tackle the problem that have been ratified by the WRC Commission, with some of these requiring a fast track homologation process.

Teams have been worldly-wise to modify roof vents, add vents to the windows and place mirrored mucosa on the windows to reflect heat. Changes can moreover be made to the insulation of engine trophy underneath the cars in a bid to lower temperatures.

\"Honestly this is a really good example of what motorsport does weightier in trying to work through a problem,\" said Wheatley.

\"We have got two issues, physical restrictions and we have regulatory restrictions regarding what we can do. There is no question this weekend is going to be fairly exceptional. The predicted temperatures are going to be huge.

“Immediately without Portugal the FIA technical team sat lanugo and worked out two lists.

\"The first list was what we can do without any homologation changes and that list was five items and the teams immediately set to work on those issues.

\"Then there was three increasingly issues that required a fast track process through the homologation process and that had to go to WRC Commission to get the quick response they [the teams] need to get the changes for this weekend.\"

Hyundai has opted for perhaps the most visible solution to the issue by fitting a golden reflective roof to its i20 N which it hopes will help repel the heat from the sun to reduce motel temperatures.

Toyota has directed the majority of its efforts into newly larger roof vent having once fitted ceramic throne shielding to exhausts and virtually the firewall. Drivers reported positive feedback without running the new component in shakedown.

“Our guys have been working on it between 12 and 15 hours a day depending on what needs to be done,” Toyota technical director Tom Fowler told Autosport. “Of undertow someone spent a couple of days designing the parts, which is a couple of 15 hour days probably and getting those parts manufactured in the workshop. Our guys have been bringing them to the rally in suitcases and last minute deliveries.”

Despite the swift fixes, Hyundai deputy team director Julien Moncet isn’t confident the measures taken will be enough, but revealed teams were unable to make significant amendments given the limited time between events.

\"He expects a full solution is unlikely to victorious until without this month’s Safari Rally (23-26 June) due to a limited value of time to transport the cars to Kenya.

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\"The time was really short in between the two events Portugal and Sardinia,” Moncet told Autosport.

“We had discussions last week with the FIA and so on and we have well-set to some measures that will be unromantic here in Sardinia. Whether it will be enough, I think not but at least it will modernize the situation.

“I’m sure all the teams will come with some proposals but we have been unliable to make some holes overdue the side windows and play with the roof vent. We have a golden roof to limit the sunlight.

Thierry Neuville, Martijn Wydaeghe, Hyundai World Rally Team Hyundai i20 N Rally1

“We know that the main source from the heat is coming from the frazzle line, so nevertheless this reflective panels is only constructive for the heat coming from the outside, but if we proceeds a couple of degrees less then that is increasingly than welcome.

“We have to evacuate increasingly heat from the inside to the outside, so we will see some interesting solutions through the weekend.

“For the time stuff this is all we can do. We will see how much resurgence there is this weekend and if it is not unbearable we will have to go then with the teams and the FIA to decide some remoter steps.

“We have only one week so we have to be realistic as well we could not do everything in such a short value of time. We take this very seriously as it is an important issue.”

In wing to the changes made to the cars, rally organisers will ensure crews will have wangle to water at the end of stages.