KTM MotoGP motorbike a lesser amount of physical than Ducati was, says Miller

Published: 04, Apr 2023

The Australian used up five time of year with Ducati, originally with Pramac between 2018 and 2020, earlier walking up to its factory team in 2021.
The four-time race champion has converted to KTM for 2023 and enjoyed a solid entrance at the Lusitanian Grand Prix, final fourth in the race and 7th in KTM MotoGP motorbike main competition.
Contrast the this to the demodicid he earlier irritated and which won both races in Portugal, he said that to be honest I sensed it was a smaller amount of than the Ducati in terms of physicality.
The motorbike itself is rather sprightly. My neck was a bit inflexible to the end, but it constantly gets pretty stiff here in Portimão.
You have got three truths in a row at the first corners, so the time you change over for the next corner you are trying to elasticity it.
KTM's pre-season was not forthright and the team seemed to be on the back foot coming into the first rounded of the term.
But both players making it interested in the top seven in the main competition, as well as Miller finish Fri reckless and passing fifth showed the KTM is in a better place than initially supposed.
KTM to go winter MotoGP testing

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Jack Miller, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing
How close to the heads it is will not become seeming till after the next few rounds, given the Lusitanian GP followed two days of testing at the Algarve place.
Then Miller trusts that all the work KTM has done in purging the set-up of the RC16 in Portugal will pay costs in the coming circles.
I feel like the steps we have made in terms of electronics and approach and that kind of thing, in terms of set-up our plan coming into this outstanding prix was to not turn the bike benefit down any longer, Miller added.
Their main strategy for this magnificent prix was just normal race stay stuff, let's play with settings, let's get the bike in a decent position and work on myself riding the bike.
The 'more fair' rule example MotoGP must follow - The Race
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KTMs RC16 2017 MotoGP engine


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“The highpoint of two-wheeled motorsport on blacktop. Clean example running. The front of skill and growth. High risks. Big pressure.

KTMs RC16 2017 MotoGP machine

KTM RC16 MotoGP bike revealed
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For motor-powered – cycling, this is the biggest display on earth. Every world challenge or major event that KTM has gone running with as a factory, we have won at.
This is not selfishness, but a simple fact reproduced by an award cabinet full with over 260 world titles.
We like to success and competing makes our company and our products better.

KTMs RC16 2017 MotoGP machine, Mika Kallio
KTMs RC16 2017 MotoGP
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Though KTM is no outsider to Grand Prix running, the move to the top class represents our most determined goal to date, but one that we are ready to hold.
 It is the core of all we do. The addictive thirst of victory is what motivates everyone in our company each and every day always forceful us to improve and learning new ways to be faster.

KTMs RC16 2017 MotoGP machine, Alex Hofmann

Successful roll-out for the KTM RC16 MotoGP bike
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In the previous few years KTM has develop Europe’s main motorcycle producer. Of course, we are vastly proud of this, but we keep forceful onward for more. If we need to be globally seeming as a full-range sport motorcycle producer, then to do that we must go running at the very top level and not doing this at the back of the network.
Everybody is look at KTM MotoGP motorbike and the period is right for KTM to stage into this stadium. On a generous and practical side, it will be our biggest test to date, but one that everyone within the company more than welcomes.
2022 Japanese GPresults

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Intended and made in Austria, the RC16 will test MotoGP’s hardest fighters across the world ended 18 circles in 2017. Their target is set. The level is high. The rules set available for KTM MotoGP motorbike running are clear rules are instructions.
Then the best class of example motorcycle running still permits the specialists at KTM the skill to take them in our true forceful their trade skills to the limit so that our rations can do the same with this creation.

KTM RC16 MotoGP Race Bike on the Grid for 2017 | Cycle World
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KTM is known for its knowledge in creating multipurpose and powerful V-Twin engines and building the strongest single-cylinder machines in street and offroad racing, e.g., with its effective DUKE variety of Naked Bike machines.

Steel cylindrical fence frames not only win races for KTM in Moto3, Motocross, Enduro and Rally, but they also win the daily races of our clients no matter the ride.
KTM RC16 MotoGP Race Bike Revealed
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KTMs RC16 2017 MotoGP machine.
DISPLACEMENT: 1,000 ccm, Type V4-Cylinder
VALVE TRAIN: Inflatable
TRANSMISSION: Seamless change
POWER: 250hp+ @ 19000rpm
EXHAUST: Abramovic four-into-two, titanium
ELECTRONICS STRATEGIES: drive by wire, engine braking, traction control, wheelie control, quick shift+
SWINGARM: Aluminium
HEIGHT: 700mm
FRONT/BACK BODYWORK: Wethje Carbon Mixtures